By purchasing our project documentation, you will save hours of time and a lot of money when designing your house with a designer from scratch. Our project documentation will therefore save you time and money.

We have written a detailed overview of what you will get by purchasing project documentation on this site. Contents of project documentation

  • the stamp of the designer
  • structural engineering project
  • heating project
  • gas installation project
  • sanitary installation project
  • energy efficiency assessment
  • fire protection project
  • placement of the structure on the plot
  • and other specific documents required in your region

No, given the differences in geography and climate in countries, regions, and even in certain districts, the project documentation may need to comply with snow load requirements, energy efficiency requirements, soil and seismic requirements, and a broad range of other conditions.

Every country has different regulations, and that is why you will likely need to rework our project documentation with a licensed architect or construction firm to comply with relevant standards.

By purchasing our project documentation, you will obtain a licence to build only one family house.

Licences are non-transferable and may not be resold or distributed.

The purchase of project documentation does not in any case transfer copyright or any other ownership interest to the buyer, except for limited use for the construction of one family house.

All PRODOM spol. s r.o. project documentation and visualisations are protected by copyright law. Any copying of project documentation or part thereof without the approval of PRODOM spol. s r.o. is strictly prohibited. To build more than one project using PRODOM spol. s r.o. project documentation and to avoid violating copyright law, please contact us at info@dream-plans.com

Unauthorised copying and use of PRODOM spol. s r.o. project documentation and visualisations in any way is strictly prohibited.

The cost of construction depends on a number of factors, such as the site where it will be built and the construction materials that are used. The most accurate way to determine the cost of building a family house is to have a local construction company prepare an itemised budget.

The approximate price of the construction of a family house can also be calculated on the basis of proven prices of building materials and construction work per 1 m2of usable area or 1 m3 of enclosed space. Please contact a local construction company for indicative prices of construction work and materials per 1 m2 of usable area or 1 m3 of enclosed space.

Of course. While our projects are designed as masonry structures, they provide an excellent starting point for building a timber-framed house.

Family houses are built on strip foundations and a foundation slab. Perimeter and partition walls are constructed of fired bricks made from natural raw materials. Perimeter masonry can be insulated with an insulation system. Ceramic, concrete, sheet metal and membrane waterproofing systems can be used as roofing, when intended for use in sealed flat roof systems. Windows and doors may be plastic, aluminium or wooden. Individual materials may be changed. Please consult your designer for specific material solutions.

The project documentation may be modified. Please consult with a local designer to draw changes as needed.

The best help when choosing a house is our filter on the left side of the page, where you can narrow down the selection of our houses according to your requirements. It is a very simple and effective aid. In addition, we have prepared popular categories of family house projects for you.

For each family house, it is possible to order project documentation in a classic or mirror image. The choice is yours. Take into account the size and shape of your plot and its orientation relative to the cardinal directions.

The price of the basic and mirror image is the same.

This is a very common question, but given personal data protection requirements, we do not publish this information to protect the privacy of our customers.

We will send the digital files to the email address you provide when ordering.

The standard delivery time is specified for every family house on our website.

A buyer does not have the right to withdraw from an agreement as the project documentation is a custom-made good that is specifically intended for a single consumer and for construction on a plot defined in advance. More information is provided in our Terms and Conditions.


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